Q: “Are both group & private classes available?”

Most of our members enjoy the group setting, but private sessions are available as well depending on instructor availability.

Q: “How many people are generally in a group class?”

Normally between 15-20, with more instructors added as class size grows.

Q: “Do I need to ‘get in shape’ before I start classes?”

Not at all! Our program was built to HELP YOU get into shape! All you have to do is come to class with a great attitude and try your best.

Q: “What if I’ve never done kickboxing before?”

No problem! Over 80% of our members have never taken a kickboxing class before and they are able to jump right in. We’ve built a system that allows anyone to jump in and get an amazing workout every time… regardless of prior kickboxing experience.

Q: “What kind of results should I expect to see?”

When you join our program, you will begin to notice some very cool changes. You will burn body fat from the high intensity interval-style training that’s scientifically designed to keep your body burning calories up to 24 hours after your workout. You’ll get stronger from the various bodyweight movements we incorporate into every workout. You’ll learn empowering self-defense techniques with our skills & drills work. You will also experience improved self-confidence and energy throughout the day as your body releases dopamine into your system (the chemical that makes you think “Aahh, I feel great!”). The other really cool thing is that you’ll make awesome new friends that work just as hard as you do toward their fitness goals!

Q: “How long will it take me to see results?”

Great question! This varies from person to person, but in our experience you’ll begin to “feel” better after your very first class! If you come to class 3x per week and have good nutrition habits, you could begin to “see” changes in your body in as little as 2-3 weeks. In addition to that, you’ll be amazed how quickly your skills improve and your confidence grows after just a few weeks of training!

Q: “Can you help me with my eating / nutrition?”

Absolutely. We offer nutritional guidance as part of your membership (at no additional cost).

Q: “What is your class schedule?”

You can find our class schedule HERE. We are continually adding classes as our membership grows.

Q: “How do I get started?”

Our favorite question! Just CLICK HERE to purchase our super-low-cost web special and get started right away!